Important: A notched inner cover (unprotected) can compromise the effectiveness of the Beetle Baffle. Screen the hole in the inner cover for best results. Click here to learn how.



The Beetle Baffle is a selective barrier specifically suited for small hive beetles. It forms a full perimeter, downward-facing ledge that bees can easily cross as they move from the bottom board to the combs.

Where and How It Installs

All areas of the hive above the top ledge of the bottom board are sensitive to damage from the beetle and (even more) the larvae they produce in great numbers. For that reason, the Beetle Baffle installs at the juncture of any standard dimension bottom board, and the brood hive that rests on top of it. We recommend installing it on wooden spacer strips so that the front baffle will have a base to attach to.

Bees Move Freely but Beetles only Move Down

The geometry of the barrier is such that it is very difficult for beetles to pass as they climb upward toward the combs. Conversely, bees pay it very little attention since they are much more anatomically suited to simply step over it. If a hive already has a resident beetle population, the barrier does not discourage the downward movement of the beetle toward the floor of the bottom board.

Without the Beetle Baffle

In the absence of the barrier, newly arriving beetles are prone to seek out a vertical corner of super or hive body and ascend vertically--often to the top of the colony. This initial trespass into the hive is likely to occur in the evening or at night as beetles tend to avoid bright light. As they climb upward, they remain at the outskirts of the bees concentrated in the brood chamber. Consequently, they are scarcely noticed or challenged by the bees.

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