I guess I have been a daddy’s girl all of my life. Daddy loved nature and taught all of us to appreciate it as well. He taught me many things about gardening. I guess that my love for these types of things is what attracted me to Haynes.

He and I have been married over 4 decades! We have gardened all of our married life and have had beehives for most of those years as well. My beekeeping role, generally, is that of helper. We’d watch Haynes (The grandchildren call him Daddy Daddy.) rob the bees. We would all help once we got back inside the barn with all the honey-filled frames. The kids loved tasting the honey as we poured it into the strainers and later as we filled the honey jars.

It was sad in recent years to discover that some of our hives were infested with the small hive beetle. After Haynes started trying to figure out what we could do to stop the beetle problem, I have become more involved. We decided to buy another bee suit, and I have thoroughly enjoyed taking a more active role




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